Best friends ........
Best friends ........

In the struggle of life a goodfriend is definitely a divine boon.His company double our strength. We are able to work our mind,therefore we reached our goal sooner than if we work alone. I thank God that i have a friend who is not a fair whether friend or companion of money but one who has grofied  the name of FRIENDSHIP.



is so many things,

It is a feeling completely natural

with another,

forgetting all pretense

& just being yourself….

Its sharing both big and little things,

joy n sorrow,laughters n tears.

Its counting on another

to understand your moods,

to put up with your failings,

to be there when needed most….

With a word of encouragement

a smile,alook…

In friendship ,a friend

shares, cares n understands.



Published by

Gunjan Jain

I m gunjan jain,

7 thoughts on “Friends”

  1. yaar,it’s dammn gud ….especially the frndship quotes..They r simply heart touching.Really I liked ur blog sooooo much.

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