What a lovely and funny word  Sorry is!It is the magic word which bring instant forgiveness.Even People living in villages uses this word sorry.

      One day when i was goin to Bhopal by train a village woman sitting in front seat of mine was hit with suitcase belonging to a gentleman.The getleman said sorry to her.She began to quarrel then another man told her that the person who said sorry did not use bad words but had asked her to forgive him.Only then she understood what does the word sorry means.She also learned the word by now and said sorry.

Anoher intersting incident happened when my friends and i were playing badminton.Suddenly the cock went to our neighbours house.I saw that aunty was angry with me and said “Dont Play here.Your shuttle-cock will come here again and again”.I said Sorry and she gave the cock back to me.We all said “it will not come again“.Hearing this,she smiled.

SO you must have understood that this small word has great power.It can be very useful to u.Therefore you should all use this word “SORRY“.

If you are bored of reading this article then I M SORRY🙂


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Gunjan Jain

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4 thoughts on “SORRY”

  1. You know sorry is a great …. word.

    You know many times we listen when guys forgive to other when
    he says sorry. So we always says He is great.

    SORRY word have a lots of great…. because after using it we solved small to big problems instead of FIGHT.

  2. yaar vy nice..
    oyee i think u have gone to bhopal only 1 time when we went 2 eachother but i dont remember about dis incident….yaar ye kab hua
    mujhe to sab yaad hai hum chhatisgard exp se gaye the…
    then ye kese bhul gayi……..

    i know vy well sorry has a great power bcoz in dis month i used dis world again & again & resultant my problem has solved.
    i think u know vry well

  3. very simple and straight forward written post… typed in whatever u had in mind in the most easy way w/o much show off of ‘writing skills’.

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