Know About Yourself

Often seen that sometimes when we are free we start drawing something with our pen on the bottom or top or at the back side of our page.They are simple drawing which can have a meaning , a shape or just irregular forms.

These are known as DOODLES.A doodle is a type of sketch , an unfocussed drawing made while a person’s attention is otherwise occupied.

Find out what doodling says about your personality


Doodling hearts everywhere show that you are in love or you’re just a good old fashioned romantic(its not hard to work out!).Either way you ae definitely a bit of a sentimentalist.


Writing your names everywhere shows you are feeling down rather than marking your territory or that you’re just trying to remember it.Writing it down is bit comforting subconcious way of cheering yourself up.


Doodling flower doesn’t mean you’re goin to be famous gardener , it just shows you have sensitive , friendly , caring , personality.So like to help others so that you can forget about the bad,ugly things in life . Though if your flowers are dying , you are worried that the relationship might die in the future.

Arrows & Ladders:

Much ambition, a strong drive to prove himself; the end , in his opinion , justifies the means. Impatient for prolonged processes and aims for the nearest goal.


Drawing stars shows that You’re optimistic and ambitious.You want to be star yourself so its good thing that you think about the future and have creative streak.

Parrarel or Criss cross lines:

Drawing straight lines shows that you are honest and goes straight to the point.

Criss crossed lines show that ou need some alone time . You want to escape as you are frustrated and feel like you are suffocating.


Ambition, a need to advance.

Drawing houses:

Search for a home. A need for family and willingness to invest in his family . A need for a spiritual shelter and seach ofself.

Feelings of insecurity(could be temporary).

Drawing faces with open mouth:

Talkative , loves the sound of his own voice.

Drawing Ugly faces:

Suspicious, lacks ‘joie devivre’ , bitter , dislikes peoples , does’t trust them , rebelious , lacks self confidence , doesn’t delegate and doesn’t work well in a team. Bad tempered , feels offended and deprived. He has negative approach , looks for the worst in everyone and circumtances and doesn’t enjoy himself.

Drawing Good looking faces:

Such a person loves peoples , see positives in peoples and situations , optimistic , humane , good natured , sensitive to his fellowmen , capacity to show empathy, friendly , jaunty , having vivacious nature. Likes social involvement and has a keen sense for sensitivity and consideration in others.


These doodles are typical of people who spend a lot of time indulging in their imaginations , but who rarely put their dreams in practice.


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3 thoughts on “Know About Yourself”

  1. wow nice piece of information gunjan….you know what i doodle flowers, good looking faces of gals and ya my name too and the last one is not in favour anyways really nice post thanks for sharing…

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