What is Technical Writing

Most of us are aware of this term, therefore this post is intended for novice who wants to learn the basics of Technical Writing. The term Technical Writing means to write in such a manner that could be easily understandable by the novice user. It is a way of documenting your product, which could be a software, telecom, electronic product or any generic product, and the peoples who carry out this task are known as
Technical Writers.
Technical Writers are the trained writers who convert the complex technical documents into easier language for their audience. There are wide varieties of tasks that a technical writer does. Their task list comprises of creating the following documents— User Guide, Admin Guide, Troubleshooting Guide, Release Notes, API documentation, Training Manuals, Online Help, Functional Requirement Specification, Software Requirement Specification and many other technical and end user documents. Apart from this, some of the companies involve their technical writers in creating business proposals, white papers, story boards etc.
Technical Writing, these days, has become one of the emerging careers among the young engineering graduates. It pays out a descent salary and along with it one of the boons to have it as a career is that it is not as hectic as other career options like development and testing. Again, if we have advantages we have disadvantages too. The main drawback of this career is that after spending some time as a Technical Writer, the salary package will get stagnant and the growth will get gradual.


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