The utilization of our leisure time in some pleasurable engagement is hobby. Our day to day life has become so tough that we found ourselves more like machines. Following the same routine makes us feel monotonous. To break out this boredom and to rejuvenate ourselves we should take out sometime and do things which fascinate us. This could be any task of our interest like, playing games, listening songs, dancing, gardening and so on. Practicing these tasks on regular basis makes it as our hobby.
Adopting a hobby makes us more creative and active. One can also make the hobby as their full time or part time profession, thus utilizing the spare time and making money. Different peoples have different hobbies. Some peoples have a habit of collecting stamps; some makes sports as their hobby and so on.
My hobby is listening music. I have a collection of wide variety of songs. My songs collection ranges from old song to latest songs. I am also a gazal lover and Jagjit Singh’s gazals are my all time favorites. My hobby is so effortless that I can perform it any time I feel bored. I used to have my IPod with me and have collection of more than 1000 songs in it.


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Gunjan Jain

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