Hi …….

I m Gunjan.Peoples use  to call me wid my nicknames , so i hv lots of nicknames..hahhhahaha

wel as said by peoples(my relatives,frens etc) dat i m very naughty n y shouldnt i??aree abhi to i m jst 22 so naughtiness is sumthing required .

wel i m a software eng (but d sadest part of it is i dont like coding much .it sucks………oh god help me  )

I m very cool,friendly natured gal and hv lots of frens but very very very few (only 2) are  close to me.

Dats all wid me .

Plz visit my blog and leave ur comments dere so dat i can grow up according to dem



11 thoughts on “About”

  1. yaar,it’s dammn gud ….especially the frndship quotes..They r simply heart touching.Really I liked ur blog sooooo much.

  2. hey dear….
    thts nice blog….
    speccially that “knw abt urslf” ……
    keep it up ………..keep blogging……

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